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15 years ago CerebralMechanics introduced the virtual opt-kinetic system, OptoMotry, which enables spatial visual behaviour to be rapidly quantified in laboratory rodents. Since then, measures made with OptoMotry have become the standard in the field. With the advent of new technology, and the need for more flexibility, higher throughput, and expanded options for the quantification of opto-kinetic tracking, we are announcing a major upgrade to OptoMotry in the form of OptoMotry-AT. At the heart of AT is the Assisted Testing software engine that enables fully manual trial control and tracking assessments. In manual mode, OptoMotry-AT works like previous versions of OptoMotry, with the experimenter controlling the centering of the virtual cylinder and making tracking judgements. This mode may be preferred for experienced users, and is the most flexible for testing different strains and ages of mice and rats rapidly. The assisted mode of OptoMotry-AT is ideal for researchers who use black-coated mouse strains, such as C57-BL6. In this mode OptoMotry-AT will automatically identify the viewing position and gaze of the mouse as it moves, select trial epochs when tracking is possible, blank the screen between trials, and provide positional cues to aid the user in making tracking judgements. In addition, based on the animal’s viewing position, the software can continually position visual stimuli in a specific visual field (ie Douglas et al, 2005), which is particularly useful for those interested in making retinal manipulations in the monocular region of each eye of a mouse in order to do within animal control experiments. The automatic mode has the auto-centering ad gaze control of the assisted mode, but will also use the positional cues and tracking movement kinematics to assess the presence of absence of stimulus tracking. This mode is  particularly useful for the screening of retinal mutants, or when objectively determining whether a mouse can track a particular visual stimulus is paramount. We would be happy to give you a preview of OptoMotry-AT and show you how it can address your preclinical visual neuroscience needs.

OptoMotry AT preview

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